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Here is the list of food items users have requested wine pairings for. If you would like to recommend a match, please add it, and click Save. If you have more than one wine to recommend, separate them by semi-colons.

Food Name Your Wine Pairing Recommendation Your Blog or Website link with more information on your recommended matching (Optional)
goat chesse and grapes
Cabbage roll
asian salad w/ginger garlic dressing
wild rice stuffed squash
Chocolate dipped apples
Steak teriyaki
tomato bredie
Slow cook sausage with squash lasagne
Garlic pasta
shrimp alfreado
avocado sorbet
Lamb brains
ham and beans
Chicken gyros
pork egg roll
portabello mushroom ravioli
Cod orange
Lemon curd
oreo cookies
orange vinaigrette marinade and grilled shrimp
calfes liver and bacon
Pistachio Crusted Bluefish
whitefish dip
tomato, basil, garlic and peppercorn Feta
Chicken provolone
Fried wontons
Italian stuffed shells and sausage
Stuffed shells and sausage
carmelized bacon
Royal couscous
Roast cabbage
Pork belly with Asian vegetables
Sausage stuffed pastry
Whipped ricotta, heirloom tomatoes and pesto
Sayur keciwis with tauco
Bobor bayam
Boomerang shrimp
yellow tail riesling
Tomato with pesto oil
stuffed mushroms
salmon, anchovy, olive and lime bake
Panda got chicken
smoked chicken with mango
Scallops with cauliflower puree
necterine tart
halibut provencal
Peanut butter cheesecake
Stir fried chicken
Stir fried chilli chicken
grilled cottage cheese
pork with sun dired tomatoes
Pear clafoutis
Fried coconut shrimpFr
Grape jam and chili sauce meatballs
Asparagus, blood orange, apple balsamic
grille tuna with pesto sauce
grilled tuna with pesto sauce
lentil loaf
guina foeelp
seared breast of pigeon with apple and blackberry compote and crispy pancetta
Chipotle cherry chicken
linzer torte
canned sardines
gigot a la menthe
rosemary rubbed beef tenderloin
rabbit cacciatore
Canteloupe Proscuitto mozzarella
Blessed bleu
Blessed blue
buttercase food pairing
Ropa veija
grilled peaches with blackberry sauce
Harissa chicken
Bacon appetizer
Grilled lake trout
cantalope salad with balsamic glaze
Grilled chicken chimmichurri
Gorgonzola stuffed chicken
Seared yellow fin tuna with mango
Halibut with browned butter and hazlenuts
lamb massaman
monkfiosh and tomato
fruites assortis
Grilled trout and lump crab
white cake raspberry filling chocolate frosting
Zuchinni Parmigiana
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