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Food Name Your Wine Pairing Recommendation Your Blog or Website link with more information on your recommended matching (Optional)
rasted foie gras
Bruscetta with tomatoes and Garlic Aioli
chicken limon
sauteed foie gras
maple glace salmon
butter poached lobster
lamb shanks gremolata
pork cream cheese
grilled shrimp,feta and cilantro
brisket with onions
chicken lasgagna in white sauce
harissa vegetables
Chicken arugula
Bacon potato soup
chicken catciatore
sausage on lentils
All dressed chips
Haddock fried
chicken thighs with lemon and garlic
Cajun steak fetuccini
Lentil stre
Rabbit lemon sauce
game hena
Cumin poek
broiled swordfish
Beef shishkanob
lingune and clam sauce
tuna casarole
roast chicken with balsomic glaze
Grilled monk fish
French Brie wth tart Cheryl chutney
bell peppere stuffed with cream cheese and Italian sausage
Light mushroom soup with no cream
Herb Cornish game gen
Chicken breasts stuffed with goat cheese, spinach, and prosciutto
Shrimp alfedo
Braised ribs
linguinni fruit di mare
Chou fleur mornay
stuffed flank steak w/ swiss chard
Australia beef tenderloin, fresh vegetable, truffle sauce
Autenderloinstralia beef
scallops and butter andpasta
Veal scaloppine with mushroom cream sauce
Greek ribs and ceaser salad
sea bass with chimichurri sauce
brussel sprout salada
shrimp sauce piquante
salad with a lemon vinagrette
Chicken Thighs
almond chocolate flourless cake
Spaghetti bolongnaise
lemon bar
Caviar lemon
chicken brushcetta
Cooked tilapia
Roast shoulder of pork
roasted carrot soup
Beef broccoli stir fry
vegan napoleon
white-tuna-Kobe beef
Crab puff
pecan-crusted porkchop
Ginger lamb
teriyalki wings
bacon &liver
Turkey noodle casserole
red bell pepper crab bisque
Turkey and Tart Cherry Sausage
Mango chicken salad
Shrimp and Mushroom Risoto
butternut squash soup (vegan)
Tarrangon Chicken
dark chocolate cake with a red wine coconut glaze
Asian chicken sslad
Gnocchi Sorrentina
Roast chicken, chicken balloting, black pudding, bacon and whiskey cream
Chicken cacciatorie
vitello al portofolgio
Shrimp puttanesca
Oignon soup
mushroo raviollie
italian sausage pasta
Chicken pictta
Chocolate cake with white icing
Roasted parsnip soup
swordfish and vinegar
blackend talapia
Chicken parmagiana
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