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Food Name Your Wine Pairing Recommendation Your Blog or Website link with more information on your recommended matching (Optional)
john dory
mushroom bourganoinne
Japanese plum wine
Zucchini noodles
Grilled Lemon Sole
japanese fried rice
terrapin a la newburg
black truffle rissoto
Herb roasted pecans
Rueben soup
Vegetable galette
Chicken with crab
Chicken chesapeake
Mango seabass ceviche
sardines in mustard
Pork and saurekraut
Blue cheese and pears
peas, yogurt and dill
peas and yogurt
pound cake with grilled pineapple soaked in rum
cornish game hen with honey glaze
'Spigola in cartoccio
Salad with fruit
Garlic scape pesto
Fennel crusted halibut
Grilled pineapple
Asian stir fry
Pork teryaki
Chocolate hazelnut crostata
Teriyaki lemon and doll grilled salmon
Scallop florentine
teriyaki kabob
lemon pasta sauce
Hatch Pepper Cheese
Southwestern egg roll
colston basset
ostrich fillet with pommes pureer with sautéed onions and carrots
salt beef brisket
Grilled kidney
La sagna
Spinach pizza
Chicken roulade with brussels sprouts, walnuts and pecorino
Hoisin shrimp
chicken wrapped in bacon with italian spices done on skewer on BBQ paired with grilled Italins veggi
bread oil balsamic with bocconcini salad with olive oil & sundried tomatoes as starter to mingle
Lamb pilaf
Sweet sausage stuffed mushrooms
Grilled portobello mushroom sandwiches
pan fried foie gras witn red wine sauce
Chicken with cream and tarragon
Barbecue tri tip
Shrimp Curry and capellini
chicken with rosemary and lemon
Bruschetta chicken
Grilled teriyaki portobello
vegetarian jambalaya
faried pork chops
Smoked chicken thigh
Prosciutto wrapped pork loin's
blue cheese soup
Toasted marshmallows
Teryaki Pork Chops
blue fish
Brill miso
Cranberry Cheddar cheese
Squid salad
peppercorn filets
Italian sausage and potatoes
Blueberry sauce chicken
Pork black pepper sauce
Pork louvre
pappardelle with marinara sauce
pappardelle maranara sauce
Egg and Sprats Canapes
whiskey crab soup
spicey chicken dish
Almond crusted halibut
Prosciutto and salami
Halibut in miso
Flank steak acidic marinade
Beetroot goats cheese
Spaghetti al limone
veal saltimbocco
chicken and broccoli
pan roasted chicken with mushrooms
Puff pastr/Spinach and Parmesan cheese
maasdam cheese
Peanut noodles
honey garlic pork short ribs
Hungarian goulach
tuna with ginger plum sauce
chinese pepper steak
Pan seared catfish with smoked tomato broth
Steak and asparagus
Pistachio chiicken
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